Indra (Spain)

  1. SOPRENE  
    Contractor: Spanish navy
    Collaboration: Universidad de a Coruña & Universidad Alcalá de Henares
    Responsibilities: Predictive maintenance for Spanish navy ships & systems

 Tecnatom (Spain)

  1. TecOS Start

    Contractor: Endesa - ENEL      

    Collaboration: None

    Responsibilities: Design, develop and deploy of an algorithmic framework to predict power plants’ startup behavior and timing.

  2. Operacion2030 - D4O framework
    Contractor: Internal project
    Collaboration: Several industrial partners & facilities
    Responsibilities: Support to digitalization & Industry 4.0 transformation. Responsaible of the Machine Learning development on the digitalization projects (5+). Data science evangelist.

  3. AAUT: Automatic Analysis
    Contractor: Internal project
    Collaboration: Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Universidad de Cantabria
    Responsibilities: Analysis and validation of machine learning algorithms for structural recognition in eddy currents analysis

  4. DQV: Data Quality Validation
    Contractor: Internal project
    Collaboration: Universidad Carlos III
    Responsibilities: Analysis and validation of machine learning estimation techniques for DQ assessmetn in eddy currents analysis

 CENTUM Solutions - SEPSA (Spain)

  1. Obsolescence management
    Contractor: Métro d'Alger, Metro de Madrid, MetroMexico
    Collaboration: None
    Responsibilities: System architecture migration (from PENTIUM platforms to ATOM) and validation

  2. Research on new technologies integration
    Contractor: Internal project
    Collaboration: ADLink
    Responsibilities: Integration of new boards, technologies and APIs in custom-designed platforms

 Intelligent Robot and Systems Group -   Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)

  1. ROCKIN: RObot Competitions Kick INnovation in Cognitive Systems and Robotics
    Contractor: European Commission. 
    Collaboration: International competition
    Responsibilities: Sensor fusion for human recognition and tracking

 Robotics & Cybernetics Research Group - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)

  1. RHEA: Robot Fleets for Highly Effective Agriculture and Forestry Management 
    Contractor: European Commission. 
    Collaboration: International (Universities, Research institutes and industrial partners) 
    Responsibilities: Cooperative and control tasks for a mini aerial robot fleet. Design and implementation of the Flight Control System, the path planner and the mission manager. 

  2. RF-WIPE: Wireless Sensor Networks for Planetary Exploration 
    Contractor: European Space Agency. 
    Collaboration: International (SUPSI and GMV Inc.) 
    Responsibilities: Analysis, design and testing of a WSN and its deployment system, applied in Planetary Exploration (Mars). 

  3. ROTOS: Robot Team for Outdoor Surveillance 
    Contractor: R&D National Plan of the Spanish Government. 
    Collaboration: None
    Responsibilities: UAV integration in a multi-robot cooperative surveillance and security system for critical infrastructures.

 DIATEL  - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)  

  1. Specific agreement between the National Security Agency (CNI) and the UPM for computer vulnerabilities analysis. 
    Contractor: National Security Agency (CNI)
    Collaboration: None
    Responsibilities: Confidential, within computer physical security area.

 Electronic & Microelectronic Design Group - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 

  1. Artemi+: Architectures for multi-format, multi-frontend, multimedia portable terminals   
    Contractor: R&D National Plan of the Spanish Government.
    Collaboration: National (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – IUMA)         
    Responsibilities: C++ code analysis and porting to DSP. 

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