1. Machine Learning
    Stanford University (

  2. Deep Learning specialization
       - Neural networks and Deep learning

       - Improving Deep Neural Networks

       - Structuring Machine Learning projects

       - Convolutional Neural Networks

       - Sequence Models

  3. Introduction to Data Science in Python
    University of Michigan (

  4. R Programming
    Johns Hopkins University (

  5. The Data Scientist’s Toolbox
    Johns Hopkins University (

  6. Human research
    University of Miami’s CITI courses

  7. Protecting Human Research participants courses
    US National Institutes of Health


  1. Autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicles summer school: Design, Perception, and Control
    ETHZ Autonomous Systems Lab. (Zurich, Switzerland)

  2. Machine Learning
    Standford University (

  3. AirRobot A-100 pilot training
    AirRobot (Arnsberg, Germany)

  4. Virtual Reality and VRML Language
    Czech Technical University (Prague, Czech Rep.) within the European ATHENS program.

  5. Certified LabVIEW Advanced Developer, CLD & CLAD official courses
    National Instruments Co.

  6. ICT Projects (Common Telecommunication Infrastructures)
    Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos de Telecomunicación, COITT – UPM. 

  7. SensorNets'09: International School on Cyber-Physical and Sensor Networks. 
    CES/ENIS (Sfax, Tunisia).

  8. Software Defined Radio
    Isdefe Chair - Telecommunications Engineering School, UPM.

  9. Data analysis, simulation and programming using MATLAB
    The MathWorks Inc.

  10. Iphone (iOS) and Android app. Programming
    DIE/LSI - ETSI. de Telecomunicacion, UPM 

  11. Advanced technologies of analysis of circuits and electronic noise
    Prof. Albrecht Zwick, at Fachhochschule University of Mannheim (Germany)

  12. Several technical seminar and courses about DSPs and microcontrollers.
    Synplicity Inc, Texas Instruments and ARROW.


  1. Business Creation Program
    IDE-CESEM within the ''Campus del Emprendedor'' Plan of Madrid Government and the support of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

  2. Postgraduate expert in SAP system
    ESNECA Business school (..)

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